Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

Pocket fold wedding invitations have been the hottest trend during the last few years, and with unlimited choices of paper and sizes, they will continue to be the first choice for many brides.  Basically, a pocket fold  wedding invitation is a “presentation piece” for your invitation.  There are very few things in the industry that can add such “WOW” factor when it’s opened by one of your guest.  Like I said above, with all the choices in colors and sizes, the bride is really able to show her personality and show the guest what the wedding is going to be like.  The trend was first introduced by a wonderful company call Envelopements.

Here at Paper Moon, we have carried Envelopements from the beginning and have seen up close how far they have come.  We have done about every shape and size they offer and quite simply have become the leader in pocket folds in Nevada and Northern California.  For all the sizes, colors and some samples, please come in to Paper Moon or visit Envelopments.com and we will help you build your dream invitation from the ground up.

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